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Bail Bonds: How it Works

Bail bonds are primarily legal documents that act as a weapon to secure a person who has been arrested and put in the prison for a criminal activity. These legal documents clearly state that the accused is seeking bail on the mentioned clauses and bail money as settled between the arresting authority and the accused.

These legal documents are simple to understand and you can simply understand how they are drafted. Unfortunately, many people do not understand the logic behind it and they may have to suffer when they fall under a trap and only a bail bond can save them from getting arrested and serving in the prison.

How It Works

When a person is arrested, only a judge will decide the future of the accused after he has been brought for a bail hearing. The bail amount will vary on the basis of the level of the criminal activity. Depending on the seriousness of the criminal offense, even the accused may have to pay millions of dollars to seek anticipatory bail from a court. Once the amount has been decided, the defendant can approach his family member or friends to arrange the amount and hire an experienced bail bondsman to get the work done as per the law. The bondsman will charge 10% deposit (for federal case) in advance and after the settlement, he may ask for the collateral to cover the risk they are undertaking. Collateral can be used if the defendant fails skips out the bail given to him.